He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Body art

As you can see from the design of my blog i a greatly appreciate body art and thus here are some picture which u may enjoy:

Stray Trolley

What do you when you find a trolley in school?
You sit in it and get your friend to push you down the hallway while you laugh at the girls that scream as you zoom past!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Beach buns and aussie girls picking up locals

On friday was colin's bbq cum birthday party. he said he had a surprise for me and fuck yeah i was damn surprised when kevin appeared. this fella went to london to study uni and we(aquinas college kids) haven't seen him for 2 years. he brought his girlfriend along as well and both of them were a joy. i also bumped into calista, one of the few sweet girls who left me a card before i left for australia. (Will never forget your actions of kindness).

Saturday: Went to sentosa with kevin, tina, colin, mei, cait and suesha.we made sand crafted sexual organs. khat and sweshya are extremely amused by this hard gay thing or maybe they just like the shaking of the crotch(crazy aussie girls), ate at a bloody expensive restaurant again and blew my wallet. i would say the most amusing part of that day was when the mrt train reached orchard station, and you know how fucking kiasu singaporeans would hog the entrance and block the way for alighting passengers, so i got creative and as soon as the doors opened, i hard gay shake crotched my way through the doors, AMAZINGLY IT CLEARED THE PATH FOR ALL THE OTHER PASSENGERS.

Sunday: Went to gloria's house to build the bridge. had super glue dried up all over my fingers. super glue is BAD ASS!

Today: Fatty penis scrot face asshole FOO pissed the class of first by coming about 10 mins late for class while the class waited in the stuffy non-ventilated corridor. When he came gloria was hysterical already. He sat his fat ass down on the chair which could barely hold one bum cheek of his and tried to explain his lateness. OK, seems we were satisfied with the explanation, the rest of the class, he just sat his FATS down on the chair, he even said: "does anyone have any problems which i can help, that does not require me to move from my chair". i think our fat ah gua teacher is MENTAL. then at 5 o'clock on the DOT! he picked up his FAT ASS WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY and waded to the door which was blocked by sandeep prathiv and i, we said that there are still students who have doubts and questions that have not been answered by him. He open the hole that owed him his size and muttered: NO NO NO. CLASS IS OVER!

3 Cheers to fat ass foo

Saturday, July 22, 2006

PAP and other photos

since National day is coming here is a collage of happy singaporeans:
this is my country
this is my life
this is my future
these are my family
these are my friends
we are singapore,

this other 2 are pictures taken in kickboxing training for the poly magazine

today the ang moh lost his cool. shout at the whole class say we are useless and what. but one thing for sure he is full of shit. when i asked him for a model answer, he told me that in programming there is no exact answer, so i got that and asked him for an example for the program, he said sure that he can do, then immediately come back and talk cock for about another 3 -4 mins on why there is no model answer. come on man this fella is from england, a native speaker of english but he could not even understand where i was getting to. LOUSY! so here's a message for SPGs, :you all think ang moh so high class, sophisticated and what. WRONG! like any other race there are some that are stupid, smelly, and have an ego the size of elephant balls. White culture i had enough of it while studying in Perth, nothing beats singlish, mee pok, lar lor meh, and CHEE BYE!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

unity, knockouts and trannys

yesterday i had the chance to catch up with my australian college friends that have come down to singapore for their holidays. i burned my pocket at lau pa sat, here's the break down:
-$11 for 20 sticks of satay
-$16 for 1 jug of tiger beer
-$3.50 bowl of beef noodles
GRAND TOTAL OF $30.50 for a bloody food centre its expensive.
went to orchard towers after that for tranny spotting. a prostitute asked me:" want some?" . the people there were very ODD, either ang mohs or fuck faced looking local males trying to get some with the ladies and ladyboys there.

today p1a7 (my class) achieved the 4th position of the inter class soccer tournament. they played their hearts out and i was greatly impressed by them holding back their injuries(open blisters, sprained ankles, abrasions) to continue fighting hard for what they had the passion for. good job fellows. it also brought the class much closer together and broke down the cliques.

kickboxing training on last thursday was super. i sparred with an indian clubmate, probably heavier than me. 4or 5 kicks and the match was over. the last kick being one straight on his left cheek. could've KOed. thanks to Yas and Sou who trained me back in perth. Crazy JAPS.I miss you wankers. all the crazy moments spent in the boarding house and kicking carrol's ass.

Monday, July 10, 2006

my hair drop

Vote for Elaine Heng!
After Thursday's training, my thighs ached many many many many many many! I had to wade around school, then when school ended as i was walking down the stairs, my right knee gave way and i scraped it. It looks like some menses stain now. But aloe vera will fix it as it always has for all my wounds.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This Week

Have not updated for quite awhile. On tuesday was one of the best spars i had. My right rib kicks proved to be fast. it was a funny spar.

In the midst of the fight:
Joel: Bryan bully sia!!
Me: (turned my head) huh?!
then i got kicked on my butt.

My advantages are my push kicks, front kicks, and right kicks. Still have to train confidence and calmness to the point and i can take a punch without blinking. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!

Talked to a good old friend the previous night. Went to Harry's Bar with her then just talked/smoked/laugh/stone/stare at the singapore river from the esplanade. I'm not much of a problem solver, but i care to listen. She is planning a great escapade one of these days. Say say say!!! Hard Gay Cupid! Whooo!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

dodgey gig

The show was kinda fun, the crowd was extreme. There was a young girl holding a baby. Damn sad, the baby was breathing all the passive smoke in the place. more pictures to come when i get them from mark cheong