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Sunday, October 26, 2008

avenged sevenfold

24th Oct 08

a7x had their first independent gig here at the max pavilion. started of with a odd fight between 2 malays. i reckon one of them told the other that he likes britney spears and the latter went apeshit. haha. and then it was the mad rush for the doors. desiree was amused at a indian dude and his witty comments. the dudes started to sing the national anthem and recite the pledge while waiting for the doors to be opened. random shouts. of LEE KUAN YEW and CHAR KWAY TEOW. and when the doors opened it was a tidal wave of bodies pushing forward. it was nothing compared to what happened inside. the front was so damn claustro that a few young kids fainted from the weight of pushing sweaty bodies. i swear the mosh pit was safer than being in the crowd of sweaty bodies. when one dude falls the rest fall like dominoes if they don't push back. sevenfold was fucking awesome. m shadows blew the stage. and then.... fucking unholy confessions was played. and i got apeshit and joined the mosh. half way through 2 elbows connected with my face consecutively and i went WOAH and sat down for 10 seconds. ahah. next year they shall return with all awesomeness.


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