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Monday, September 29, 2008


The weekend was spent at the Singapore Grand Prix. big fat voodoo bout of unluckiness for the ferrari team. first massa was given the green light at the pit stops prematurely and we see him ripping off the fueling hose along with a crew member as the tumble on to the ground with petroleum spewing all over. then raikonnen contested for the "4th position" and smacked into a wall. i stop waving my ferrari flag in shame. haha.

Raikonnen's ass

Massa during the 6th lap:
Piquet's ass
and a split second later. BANG and smokey! hahahaha

Aston Martin garage

this could be my sarcophagus like seriously!
And then came the 3 witches from Macbeth. odd
Massa the uglier ferrari racer. haha
Kimi Raikonnen

Aston Martin Cup preps

where we were situated, turns 18 anmd 19

There was the porsche carrera cup which displayed how unenduring porsches were on the track.
-a blown tyre
-2smoking engines
-a whole bumper falling off for no apparent reason

massive crowd as they navigate their way to go POO POO and go home

i now hang the scuderia ferrari flag in my room for the singapore grand prix 2009
and a little clip i captured as i ventured under the grandstand:


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