He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

Thursday, December 21, 2006

seaweed singh

i love you maggots

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bottles call my name

when was the last time you believed you could fly? i believe everyday! with a little beckoning from my friends and bottles i'd say its entirely possible.

an odd bunch of people

so i've had 300 mins of driving lessons today. ain't very easy to hold the clutch there for a good 5 mins. lessons ended around 9. called eliza and laughed at her while she was in the rain and i was in the train. then something called karma happened. as i was walking back home it poured elephants and whales. i resorted to taking off my beloved chucks and walking bare foot. let me tell you!! it was hell fun! not having a care in the world about how wet i would be. just having that detachment of what others think. the soft pitter patter. i wish i could do that everyday.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I kneel only to God

It Ain't Funny

its not funny to joke about that
have you no heart
i'm not daft
if you try to screw me over
i will kill what you love most.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

its december again

mtprac paper today was like having a class tutorial. even the damn invigilator joined in the discussions discretely, but maybe cause he was one of our teachers.

common tests aside... its the month of DECEMBER.

December...mmmm i can still taste and smell the air of Perth. me pulling my luggage out of the boarding house into the warm december sunshine, sometimes with occasional flies buzzing around. my tiny brick room where i had so much joy and sorrows. having my friends just a brick wall away. i've left all that a year ago. that's just the first part........

i love the nostalgia of going on a plane. seeing the lights of changi airport is like seeing a mother stretching out her arms to hug her child in her bossom. setting foot on singapore soil and giving my sweetheart a call. she was always so happy on these days...yes.. WE were so happy. and now its broken. and i let the monster come out again that night. i'm so sorry i did. but it felt good. something i learned that night, it was much easier to hate than to love. it felt natural. there's this sense of satisfaction when mr hyde comes out. the adrenalin! the thrill of seeing someone's life at your mercy!


you know why it happened don't you RK? i loved you so much, sometimes more than God, and for no reason you bit the hand that fed you. No, you didn't just bite, you took my whole arm and heart along with that chunk of flesh you pulled out of me.

that's why i don't believe in love... for now at least.
maybe i should get what i drew inked on me.


wow it feels great to get that off my chest! 2 bottles of corona for doing such a great job for me!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i won't see you tonight

books books books! i've been flipping so many pages that i could bleed to death on papercuts.

As bottles call my name I won't see you tonight

Sorrow sank deep inside my blood
All the ones around me
I cared for and most of all I loved
But I can't see myself that way
Please don't forget me or cry while I'm away

is this tingling feeling in the heart called love?

Monday, December 11, 2006

you're in love!

haha hey you're in love for 3 weeks and never tell me! basket! i'm happy for you!

and so! we had a consultation session with botak today. i just couldn't stop laughing cause as prathiv said it was like we never existed just botak and gc ! we got bored after awhile and started stealing slippers and hiding them. when that wasn't enough we stole gc's whole tote! haha and fucking terence managed to stuff the whole damn thing in his bag! had dinner at amk central while on the way to rayner's grand dad's wake. gc so scared of coffins! haha and a peanut went down your blouse sorry gc! piggy got locked out of the car and got pissed. haha.

quote of the day: " i admit i'm FAT"

as i got home cherrlyn sent me this hell cool picture! courtesy of geof ang (right cherr?)GOT MILK?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Back!

after like 12398712819218471984172498174194872918749174918192874198471984149 days i have finally decided to use blogger again, its nice to write about stuff now and then and show some stuff i drew they may not be von gogh great but who the fuck cares right? :D now i'm in the midst of preparing for the common tests. i got to stop procrastinating!
i've been spending my week watching episode after episode of prison break. i'd say its the best damn series ever compared to airheaded desperate houswives and such. and here's what i've come up with my colour pencils and markers this week.
back to my books!