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Monday, September 29, 2008


The weekend was spent at the Singapore Grand Prix. big fat voodoo bout of unluckiness for the ferrari team. first massa was given the green light at the pit stops prematurely and we see him ripping off the fueling hose along with a crew member as the tumble on to the ground with petroleum spewing all over. then raikonnen contested for the "4th position" and smacked into a wall. i stop waving my ferrari flag in shame. haha.

Raikonnen's ass

Massa during the 6th lap:
Piquet's ass
and a split second later. BANG and smokey! hahahaha

Aston Martin garage

this could be my sarcophagus like seriously!
And then came the 3 witches from Macbeth. odd
Massa the uglier ferrari racer. haha
Kimi Raikonnen

Aston Martin Cup preps

where we were situated, turns 18 anmd 19

There was the porsche carrera cup which displayed how unenduring porsches were on the track.
-a blown tyre
-2smoking engines
-a whole bumper falling off for no apparent reason

massive crowd as they navigate their way to go POO POO and go home

i now hang the scuderia ferrari flag in my room for the singapore grand prix 2009
and a little clip i captured as i ventured under the grandstand:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My new razor blade! it vibrates!

by product of an hour's worth. tasty!
i think overdose of royce chocolates (2 boxes in 1 night) and hagen daz almond bars (2 boxes as well which means 6 sticks) caused my damn flu

i am having the case of flus!!! ironic that i actually got a flu vaccine jab a couple of weeks before. thus i concur that the jab was BULL! i have signed up for the dec 08 SATS. god speed! a thick mother of all books is my current companion it is actually thicker than our yellow pages and capable of being an effective murder weapon by bludgering and brute force! BLUNT TRAUMA as they call it. i now continue to wipe my nose. it drips like a cunt!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gc's midnight surprise



Finally. another one done. i think i drew the eyes pretty well. lines out the nose seems pretty thick though.
Why we love the joker so much? cause of his true cause to chaos and destruction. Heath Ledger's portrayal of the joker in the Dark Knight has shown me that we are all dogs chasing cars. The survival instinct! Humans when in fear and desperation will not hesitate to sacrifice another innocent life for his own survival. three cheers for the darkest character next to hannibal lecter.

On another note:
prolonged incorrect usage and posture when using the keyboard and mouse will lead to carpal tunnel's syndrome and you'll probably have to go through a wonderful operation like this one: 


Sunday, September 14, 2008

this my new project. meet jay jay so far the facial shadows have been a breeze but the eyes and teeth are the bitch. they determine if jay jay looks like a cartoon or a portrait. in case you don't know this is joker from batman.

i am now left to finish up the eyes and teeth.


Friday, September 12, 2008


And so I’ve decided to resuscitate this journal.

MC has been persuading me to go for laser tattoo removals. But I have yet to find a solid reason to do so. To me it is unnecessary to remove them at this point in time. Although the social stigma is still lurking its head in 2008, it only brings me to wonder why is contemporary society incepting of tattoos. The answer I find is that of lack of education and fear.

It is only natural for any living creature to fear and shun anything they do not understand and what they feel is out of the norm. But like all fears and misunderstanding they can be conquered by education and reason. Tattoos have been associated with the triads in the W Generation. However we are currently living in the Y generation. Taking into mind that ‘change is the only constant’, we must open and educate ourselves for whatever unnatural occurrences that our children, grandchildren, etc. will engage in. many people are resistant to change. Choosing to stay in their comfort zone, which coats their minds with stereotype and prejudice, the worst being racism, fascism and the likes of such.

Of course I don’t blame the W for fear of tattooed people as they have spent most of their lives around the few bad eggs of tattooed people and have never really met any nice and well-mannered ones. This is my life ambition to be the first of the nice and well-mannered ones in many of their lives.

Why people tattoo and mark themselves constitute of hundreds of reasons. Some of which I can name at the top of my head are, identification and memoir. Nowadays, people will frown if you speak for racism and fascism openly, but truth be told, every one of us holds a spot of prejudice against everything. It is just the way we are wired and how we learn; like how we associate flowers with life and will never know better when grasping a poison ivy by its petals. In most cases we only learn through experiences, not books or the things that we are thought in school. How did we learn to walk? Well of course by trying to walk by our very own selves. I just ask that the W generation taste the food before rejecting it for its unusual looks.

On top of all this, lots of shit has happened. I’ve redone my room. Got a wicked cool partner and have been mindlessly going to school for FYP. I’ve got a couple things to do now like prettifying this template and painting a mighty cool mask that I got.

I want to slice my hair.

I like yoghurt with fruity pebbles.

I’ll shove in pictures later. For now go search Mad Tv Michael Jackson in youtube and laugh your arse off!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

testing testing